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          High Frequency Mobile X-ray Machine JH-101C - Mobile X-ray Equipment - Taizhou Juhao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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          High Frequency Mobile X-ray Machine JH-101C





          General-purpose, mobile  X-ray system, dedicated for radiography of standing, seated or recumbent patients as well as for patients in bed or on the operating table and as a standby emergency unit. High-frequency X-ray generator with the following output:

          1. Generator output: 5.0 kW
          2. kV range:  40 kV - 120 kV in 1kv steps
          3. mA range:    25~100 mA
          4. Exposure time: 4 films per min, less than 20 ms per film
          5. X-ray tube: Stationary anode tube with a focal spot of 1.5*1.5 mm
          6. Collimator: bright field light beam collimator with 120 W halogen lamp and auto shut-off facility.
          7. Power requirements :Single phase 220 V +/- 10% Voltage tolerance; 50 Hz power supply
          8. Mobile stand: Light-weight, low height mobile and easily maneuverable stand.
          9. The mobile radiographic unit also include a handheld control and a microwave wireless remote control for the 20-meter microwave remote Without the restriction of
          10. Barriers and directional, different from the infrared remote control. Grids reduce the fog line filters and raise the degree of scattering contrast.
          11. The unit is provided with a line (power) cord of acceptable durability, quality, length and is secured with adequate strain reliefs, The unit include, power plugs that are sufficient for the maximum voltage and current of the unit.
          12. The maximum distance from the ground: ¡Ý 17500mm, and minimum distance from the ground: ¡Ü500mm, rotating around the horizontal axis 180 ¡ã, rotation around the vertical: ¡À 90 ¡ã, The collimator can rotate 180 ¡ã,


          Standard Configuration

          1. Modular high-frequency and high-voltage X-ray generator; High-frequency inverter power.(5.0KW, 120KV, 100mA, 40KHZ)   one set
          2. Innovative mobile X-ray photography Main frame  one set
          3. Mobile X-ray photography control system   one set
          4. Symmetric Adjustable beam limiter with light   one set
          5. Remote controller (Hand hold controller and Wireless Microwave control, the distance is 20 meters )  one set
          6. 12¡± X 15¡± Image Intensify, Cassette, Grid   one set
          7. General spare parts   several





          Power output

          5.0 kW



          X-ray Tube

          Fixed anode



          Tube Voltage

          40~120kv(interval 1KV)

          Tube Current

          40~49KV      100mA    1~180 mAs
          50~59KV      77mA      1~140 mAs
          60~69KV      64mA      1~125 mAs
          70~79KV      55mA      1~110 mAs
          80~89KV      49mA      1~100 mAs
          90~99KV      44mA      1~80 mAs
          100~109KV  32mA      1~63 mAs
          110~120KV  25Ma      1~50 mAs


          1.0~180mAs (46steps)

          Power supply

          220V¡À10% 50Hz inner-resistance¡Ü1.0¦¸

          Operation Method

          Wire/Wireless control, 20 meters microwave remote control exposure.(Advantage) it is different from infrared remote control exposure, does not suffer any obstacles in the way.


          Packing Details: 1220x900x1460 mm 1.7CBM, N.W:142kg, G.W: 212kg


          JH-152 Table for Mobile X-ray Equipment and Upright Bucky Stand

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