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          Ultrasonic Nebulizer JH-480B - Nebulizer - Taizhou Juhao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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          Ultrasonic Nebulizer JH-480B


          Description: Single Head Ultrasonic Nebulizer
          Single stretchable tube can offer dense and tiny particles; Silicon clip and circuit board are slot in and slot out for easy maintenance and replacement. It uses water and electricity separation, overflow protection, flowback prevention, closed water chamber to guarantee safety.


          Technical Specifications:
          Method of nebulization: Ultrasonic vibration
          Operating voltage : 220V-230V, 50Hz AC or 110-120V, 60Hz AC
          Power consumption: 60 W
          Oscillation frequency: 1.7 MHz
          Nebulization rate:  4 ml/min
          Particle dimension : 4.2 microns
          Continuous Loading Time: 0- 4 hours; 
          Rest Time: 1 hour
          Timing range: 0-60 min no level for adjustment
          Max Medication Capacity for big cup: 350 ml 
          Max Medication Capacity for small cup: 150 ml


          Accessories: Mask for adult(1pc); Mouth Piece(2pcs); Connection tube(2pcs); Anti-flow tube(2pcs); Rhinitis tube(1pc); Air delivery tube(3pcs); Fuse(RFI ¢Ù5¡Á20 0.5A/250V 2pcs; RFI ¢Ù5¡Á20 1.5A/250V 2pcs ).

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